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Does your society have an upcoming officers election? Are you interested in e-voting, paper balloting, or perhaps both?

CSS combines its database expertise with state-of-the-art optical scanning and web-based technologies to provide a full range of election processing services to our customers. Below are three examples to illustrate the possibilities.

Internet and Paper

For nearly 20 years, CSS has conducted the annual election of officers (and voting on by-laws amendments) for a large professional society.

Members have the choice of voting on-line or via paper ballot. CSS designs, prints, and mails all materials to members; processes all returns; validates the ballots; and tabulates the results.

CSS uses its proprietary TallyMan™ software to to validate each ballot and to tally the results. TallyMan™ is also utilized at the society's annual Tellers Meeting.

Internet Only

A small society wanted to implement web-based voting in the hopes that a convenient system would encourage more members to vote.

We quickly set up a customized on-line ballot for them, with hyperlinks to each candidate's photo and statement.

The society sent an e-mail blast to each member that included a link to the election website and his/her unique password for logging into the system.

More than 25% of the membership voted—double the participation from the prior election. The total cost for the election was less than $2,000.

Internet with Paper Option

Another society holds a complex annual election. Student members may only vote for their senate reps, while professional members may also vote for national officers and regional governors. Write-in votes are permitted for all offices.

CSS's on-line balloting system ensures that each member sees the appropriate candidate slate based on member grade, region, etc.

All members receive an election letter that includes on-line voting instructions and a toll-free number to request a paper ballot. The society has realized substantial savings vs. paper balloting.

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