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Imagine, no more keying or hand tallying of ballots...
Let CSS and our TallyMan™ software do it!

To ensure the highest level of accuracy for our election customers, CSS has developed rigorous procedures for processing paper ballots. Here is a brief description of this process:

TallyMan™ is also used to process votes from electronic ballots;  however, since our on-line voting system applies validation rules to electronic ballots as they are being cast, the validation steps described above are unnecessary.

TallyMan™ also includes the ability to tally small samples of ballots, making it extremely useful for Tellers Meetings, in which some tellers (members) are required to verify and certify the results of an election. For example, a teller randomly chooses a sample of 10 ballots, and hand tallies the results. The teller's results are then compared to the totals reported by TallyMan™. CSS also uses TallyMan™ as part of our in-house quality control process to ensure the accuracy of our election results.

Our proven combination of hand ballot inspection, machine scanning, validation checks, and quality control reviews with TallyMan™ have been shown to be more than 99.999% accurate in prior elections.  In nearly 20 years of use, only one erroneous vote has been discovered.

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